Buyers Typical Costs

  • Appraisal-onetime fee for new loan
  • Credit report-for loan application
  • Homeowners insurance-paid by buyer for fire/hazard insurance
  • Loan fees-origination and processing fees charged by lender
  • PMI-some lenders require a private mortgage insurance
  • Prepaid interest-prorated depending on time of the month the loan closes
  • Property Inspections, Pest Inspection/Correction-termite report

The Buyers

  • Tenders a written offer to purchase (or accepts the Sellers counter-offer) accompanied by a good faith deposit amount.
  • Applies for a new loan, completing all required forms and often pre-paying certain fees such as credit report and appraisal cost. Approved and signs the escrow instructions and other related instruments required to complete the transaction.
  • Approves the preliminary report and any property disclosure or inspection report called for by the purchase and sale agreement.
  • Approves and signs new loan documents and fulfills any remaining condition contained in the contract, lenders instructions and/or the escrow instructions.
  • Deposit funds necessary to close the escrow. Approves any changes by signing amendments in the escrow instructions.
  • The lender (When applicable).
  • Accepts the new loan application and other related documents from the Buyers and begins the qualification process.
  • Orders and reviews the property appraisal, credit report, verification of employment, verification of deposit(s), preliminary report and other related information.
  • Submits the entire package to the loan committee and/or underwriters for approval. When approved, loan conditions and title insurance requirements are established.
  • Provide a Loan Estimate/Closing Disclosure Form describing terms of loan and applicable closing cost.
  • Deposits the new loan documents and instructions with the escrow holder for Buyers approval and signature.
  • Reviews and approves the executed loan package and coordinates the loan funding with escrow officer.